Our Investment Philosophy

At Davidson Capital Management our investment philosophy is hinged on the commitment to actively-managed and tactically balanced portfolios unique to our clients’ needs, goals, risk capacity, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Tactically Balanced Portfolios

A tactically balanced portfolio does not mean dividing assets evenly across three macro asset classes: Stocks, Bonds, and Cash/Money Market equivalents. It means that we actively manage your portfolio across the macro assets classes through tactical adjustments based on real-time stock and bond market conditions in conjunction with our forward guidance. Additionally, we make asset allocation determinations based on which sub-asset classes we feel will provide the greatest capital appreciation opportunity while mitigating risk over an investor’s time horizon.

We allocate client assets based upon their risk tolerance and risk capacity. As market conditions change, our tactically balanced investment management philosophy is utilized to actively adjust the portfolio’s asset allocation to maintain a client’s comfort level and to produce consistent investment returns


Our stock selection begins with a screening process which identifies investment opportunities across multiple industrial sectors.  We seek companies within industrial sectors that have fundamental catalysts which can provide long term capital appreciation opportunities.   

Stock Composition Three Tier Strategy

Index Exchange Traded Funds – they capture the performance of broad stock market indexes. Provides the timely ability to deploy or reduce asset exposure. 

Blue Chip Stocks – Consistent and established dividend paying stock which offer performance opportunities with a lower risk profile than less predictable stocks in Tier three.

High Risk, High Reward – higher volatility opportunities that are the driving force in portfolio performance while still being managed prudently to mitigate risk. 

Our 3 step stock-screening process


Twenty-two-point scorecard - thousands of opportunities across market sectors are filtered to create the potential buy list.


Twenty-two point scorecard - first-round picks are filtered again to ensure quality and continuity of initial review.


We cross-reference our scores with those of other reputable and respected independent research firms. 

our main objectives

Generate consistent income

Reduce portfolio risk and volatility


We focus on two objectives in our fixed income strategy.

The fixed income portion of our clients’ portfolios is invested based on our forecast for interest rates. When interest rates are on the rise we reduce the maturity range and when interest rates are falling, we extend the maturity range. 

We never purchase securities that are below investment grade ‘BBB’ or those with a maturity range longer than ten years. Municipal bonds are used only in taxable accounts with clients in a high federal income tax bracket. 

During times of extremely low interest rates we will utilize a strategy of diversifying a portion of the bond asset allocation into “bond surrogates”.  “Bond surrogates” consist of lower volatility dividend paying stocks.  The “bond surrogate” stocks will help increase annual income in the portfolio without adding a significant level of risk.     

Mutual Funds

Superior mutual fund investment returns result from a portfolio of carefully selected, broadly diversified, no load, “Best of Breed” mutual funds of varying asset classes and sub-asset classes which are actively managed utilizing a long-term investment time horizon.

The mutual funds we select are carefully and continuously screened for overall performance versus peers within its peer group and consistency of investment style. Investment management team stability and a minimum of a three-year performance track record are important considerations.

investment philosophy

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are used to create the “index base” in our portfolios. Stock ETFs capture the performance of a broad stock market index or indexes we want represented in the portfolios.

Stock ETFs can also be used as an “ejection seat” in the portfolios allowing us to raise a significant level of liquidity during extreme stock market volatility, as well as, deploying assets during stock market growth cycles.

Bond ETFs are used in portfolios with assets below $1 million to provide bond exposure with a lower internal annual management expense when compared to actively managed no load mutual funds during periods of low interest rates.

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