The Guiding Principles on Which our Firm Was Founded

Davidson Capital Management was founded by John E. Davidson in 1989 with its first location in Corpus Christi. Our guiding principles have always been that investors deserve accountability, respect, and the opportunity to have a personal relationship with their investment management team.

John E. Davidson created Davidson Capital Management in 1989 to pull the curtain back on traditional financial services firms.  In the early years of John’s career, he worked for a traditional financial services firm where he witnessed investors being taken advantage of by aggressive sales tactics and high commission investment products.  He also felt there was a substandard level of investor education being provided so investors could make the most appropriate decisions with their assets. 

He knew from the beginning investors deserved accountability, respect, and the opportunity to have a personal relationship with their investment management team.  He quickly realized the “sales” side of the financial services industry was not where he wanted to spend his career.  John felt investment management would allow him to provide the biggest value to investors, as well as give him the peace of mind of doing right by his clients. 

Armed with his convictions he created an investment management firm based on honesty, integrity, transparency, education, and placing investors’ interests first as a fiduciary.  These are the guiding principles on which our firm was founded.    

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Our Passion for the Truth and Our Commitment to Transparency

At Davidson Capital Management we utilize over 70 years of combined investment management experience to create investment portfolios tailored to each client’s specific investment goals.  We believe there are three key foundations to investing success.  These key foundations are active asset management, best-of-breed security selection, and adhering to a stringent investment management philosophy.

We feel it is imperative to educate every client about the importance of our key foundations for them to feel secure, focused, and in control of their financial future. Our investment management strategies are derived directly from our key foundations to generate long-term investment success. Each one of our portfolios are designed to meet or exceed the investment goals of our clients in terms of risk tolerance, risk capacity, expected rate of return, and long-term income requirements.

If you do not like being sold investment products, feel your best interests are being ignored, or feel uncomfortable with your level of investment education, we are here for you. If you are currently working with an investment advisor or self-managing your investments and would like to receive a second opinion of your investment portfolio, we offer a no-obligation portfolio review and analysis.


It's never too late to get a second opinion

We offer a second opinion of your current investment portfolio, call to learn more about your investment management needs, and our firm to see if our services are right for you.