Long Term Investing and the Best Investment Advice Ever

The DOW is up by 2% and the S&P up by 2.7% and the NASDAQ is up by 3.1%. With a record high for the S&P at the close of this week and YTD numbers up substantially, it may be time to start picking up more of the blue-chip stocks which have been undervalued recently and are likely to come up in the near future. We think that the Fed will keep interest rates low and the stimulus bills and other legislation will likely cause a fair bit of inflation in the coming year. So what does this mean for investors? Stocks, for the moment and typically, are your best bet for growth and long-term bonds are your best bet for protection. With inflation on the rise, asset allocation is the key to long-term performance. I know we say it over and over again, but it’s true. Stay in the game, stay strong, and think long-term.