Nothing to See Here, Market Drivers & RIA vs. Broker

Kyle and Joe are with you for this pre-Christmas show with a rapid-fire market recap and more. Last week, the Dow was up 0.2%, the S&P 500 was up 0.8%, and the NASDAQ was up 1.2%. YTD the Dow is up 12.8%, the S&P is up 23.8%, and the NASDAQ is up 43.2%. It hasn’t been your typical year for the S&P and the NASDAQ! No one anticipated seven stocks being such huge drivers over the course of the whole year, and the guys discuss how we may see more breadth of participation in the New Year. They talk about the “graying of America” and the opportunities in healthcare, which just didn’t see much participation this year. Will the breadth spread out going into next year? The guys discuss what they think we might see in 2024.

In the second hour, the Money Wise guys talk share important RIA vs. Broker differences. You don’t want to miss the details! Tune in for the full discussion on your favorite podcast provider or at, where you can also learn more about the Money Wise guys or take advantage of a portfolio review and analysis with Davidson Capital Management.