Quantitative Easing, Tapering & RIAs vs. Stock Brokers

Episode Notes

Jeff, Joe, and Kyle begin with a rundown of last week’s important market movements. It was smooth sailing across the major indexes, with the Dow Jones up, the S&P 500 up, and the NASDAQ up. All three remain solidly in the black YTD. The guys spar about Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony before Congress and its possible impact on the markets last week. They also discuss whether the rate of increase in inflation over the last few months is a trend, or whether it will reverse in the coming months. The guys also touch on July’s tendency to produce market gains throughout history and what we can expect from the Fed with regard to quantitative easing and tapering.

In the second hour, the Money Wise guys share the differences between a registered investment advisor and a stockbroker. You can tune in for the full discussion at davidsoncap.com, where you can also learn more about the Money Wise guys or take advantage of a portfolio review and analysis with Davidson Capital Management.

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