A Strong Week of Recovery & Your Retirement Readiness Quiz

Will the Feds Increase Interest Rates in 2022? | Market Recap

Kyle and Joe kick off this week’s show with a quick market recap. It was a strong week of recovery after last week’s disappointing performance. The Dow was up, the S&P 500 was up, and the NASDAQ was up. The market seems to have bounced back from the Fed’s comments to Congress several weeks ago, and it’s responding well to favorable news from the CDC regarding the Omicron variant. The only thing remaining on the calendar for the rest of the year is the Federal Reserve policy meeting scheduled for December 14-15. If you have a lot of cash on the sidelines at the moment, cool your jets until we hear what the Fed plans to do with accelerated tapering. The Money Wise guys share historic interest rate data and discuss what it can teach us today, as economists and analysts are not in agreement about what we can expect from interest rates in 2022.

In the second hour, the Money Wise guys ask Are You Ready for Retirement? Use their quiz to help you determine where you stand. You don’t want to miss it! Tune in for the full discussion on your favorite podcast provider or at davidsoncap.com, where you can also learn more about the Money Wise guys or take advantage of a portfolio review and analysis with Davidson Capital Management.

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