Sell in May, Go Away?

Episode Notes

As always, the guys kick off the show with last week’s numbers from Wall Street. The Dow was down, the S&P 500 was essentially flat, and the NASDAQ was down. In YTD numbers, all three of these indexes remain up. We’re in an overbought condition, so it remains to be seen whether the old adage will hold: “Sell in May, go away.” Will it pan out to be true after the kind of run we’ve seen in Q1? The U.S. economy is gaining more steam as we continue to recover, and the market has reacted well. The domestic market is looking a bit safer in the short term, but it’s still important to have international and emerging market exposure in the long term — with the right level of allocation.

The Money Wise guys also cover news from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting and earnings trends that show an economy with a fuller head of steam. They also focus on investor education and mitigating downside losses. Tune in for full details, and head over to to learn more about the Money Wise guys.