The June Swoon, Profit-Taking in the AI Halo & 10 Myths of Retirement Planning

June Swoon, AI Profit-Taking, and ECB Impact

The Money Wise guys kick-off this episode with last week’s numbers from Wall Street. The Dow was down 1.7%, the S&P 500 was down 1.4%, and the NASDAQ was down 1.4%. YTD all three major indices remain up, with the Dow up 1.8%, the S&P up 13.3%, and the NASDAQ up 28.9%. It was a bit of a profit-taking week, much like a typical June when we expect to experience a bit of a sell-off. They call it the “June Swoon” and, although June is historically a poor month for stocks, it’s been very solid for us this year. The Money Wise guys discuss last week’s sell-off and how we saw some profit-taking in the AI Halo, which is to be expected as some investors trim their tech positions. The guys discuss what we may see next, with so many folks currently under-invested, and they revisit the net-positive inflows we’ve seen in recent weeks. They also discuss whether we were influenced by Europe and the ECB last week, and how we remain above market support levels, despite some sell-offs.

What is the ECB?

In this episode, the Money Wise guys mention that we felt some impact from recent moves by the ECB, which is the [European Central Bank](,economic%20growth%20and%20job%20creation.). The ECB manages the euro, and it also frames and implements EU economic and monetary policy. The main goal of the ECB is to keep prices stable in order to foster economic growth and job creation. Learn more about the ECB here.
In the second hour, the Money Wise guys review “10 Myths of Retirement Planning.” You don’t want to miss the details! Tune in for the full discussion on your favorite podcast provider or at, where you can also learn more about the Money Wise guys or take advantage of a portfolio review and analysis with Davidson Capital Management.