Value Stocks Have Become Momentum Stocks

value stocks

This week on Money Wise, Jeff is on vacation so it’s just Joe and Kyle to get into the market commentary. At the moment, the Dow Jones Industrial average was down just over 150 points, the S&P 500 was down 30 points, and the NASDAQ was down just over 104 points – all without dividends. While it is a role reversal to see the Dow outperforming NASDAQ, this isn’t necessarily something to be scared of and is most likely a consequence of businesses opening back up after the pandemic. Ultimately, this is what portfolio management is about – being prepared for the ups and the downs of the market so that the various trends and trades don’t threaten your big money picture.

At Davidson, we care about making sure that your portfolio is well rounded with the proper amount of risk for your unique financial situation. This can be a difficult and tedious process, which is why we are taking the time this week to talk about portfolio management and the 5 things every portfolio should have if you want to be successful with your investments. Tune in to find out what those key things are!