You Never Go Broke Taking a Profit & Retiree Spending Rules

Episode Notes

Jeff and Kyle review the past week’s market numbers, noting that May is often a difficult month as many investors follow the old adage of “sell in May, go away.” However, TYD numbers are still above average and a shorter-term pullback is likely more of a trade and not a trend. The Money Wise guys share the numbers that are truly important to focus on as we continue through the second quarter of the year, and they discuss some of the portfolio moves they’ve recently made. The guys also revisit previous discussions of growth versus value and the trends they’re seeing.

In the second hour, Jeff and Kyle dig into retiree spending rules, with the guidance you don’t want to miss. Tune in for all the details and head over to to learn more about the Money Wise guys or to schedule a portfolio review and analysis.

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